Mas querade

We would like to invite you to participate in our new project! During the next trip we will pass Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria (maybe we can reach up Greece). We will ask you about meeting or accommodation in these countries. We want to create a photographic map of Coachsurfers who joined the Masquerade project. In could be fantastic fun for you and for us. We would like you to prepare a mask which could represent you. This mask may be made of any material, paper, plaster, wood, it may be make-up also. Invention is in yours hands!!! All photos will be placed on the project website  Masquerade and the event on facebook: Join our project, PREPARE YOUR OWN MASK AND MEET OUR TEAM!!!

Martyna - vocalist with an outstanding voice and talent, also a great make-up artist and model.

Muza - photographer, multimedia artist, Lodz film school graduate. Project "Masquerade" is her idea, so she can't wait to meet you! (www.

Metalurg - he calls himself ”an artist who does not create”.
Actually this is not true. He is a very creative painter, poet and photographer ( He loves to read books, listen to bad music and take a part in adventures.